UX talks!

Hi guys,

I am just beginning my journey in UX and am curious to learn more about what working with/in UX is like. Is this meeting for me, or would this be just a problems - solutions discussion?

Hello everybody, I am a "freshman" in UX design, so I am trying to improve my skills attending this course and reading as much literature as possible!

Hope to have the chance to learn also from you. Talk you soon!

Hi to everyone!
Is there a link to start our meet-up?

Hi guys! please to meet you ;)

Hello friends!
I didn't see anyone posting a link to meet up all together online, so I think I'll do it for the next time.
I think we need someone who can take the lead of the group so we will not have any problems for the next online meet-up.

Hi everyone,

I'm starting the journey in UX design, so I would like to improve my skills.

Through this platform and your tips!

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