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UPDATE: COLUMBUS DAY - PLEASE READ- Too few people have signed up on the Google docs sheet. Partly my fault, I know, for making this a two-step rather than one-step process. Unfortunately, there's no way yet to connect all of you without getting emails and phone numbers. Perhaps the way these board messages are designed make it confusing on managing your input. Again, I did make a mistake in my own design by using Doodle and then Google. Hopefully some folks will see this because we had enough Doodle signups for several groups but no way to connect everyone. At this point, I am putting it on hold unless more people sign up on Google docs (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1O8ewoupZ9_...) Apologies for any confusion. Thanks.

On Sunday, I will use the input to organize 2-3 online first-meet intros so everyone will be included on setup. Figured we could then break into smaller teams. Share any alternative suggestions. Also, I have put together a Google Spreadsheet to gather background info for the group to share. It would be great if folks here could sign up. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1O8ewoupZ9_...

All comments:

Quick update - It looks like at least one time (Thursday evenings 7-8) is good for a lot of people, while weekends Sat/Sun work for the rest. Hopefully working as time-relevant teams can ease the way for usable collaborations. Again, if you can fill out the Google spreadsheet with contact information...https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1O8ewoupZ9_IO3yuLomwwG8AwP24t5eQ9if-GVCWsjx8/edit?usp=sharing - that would be helpful. Thanks so much.

SEP. 19TH UPDATE TO MEETUP ANNOUNCEMENT (for Boston IDF Research students)

GOOD NEWS: Think we have enough for several groups.

LESS GOOD: We still lack contact info for everyone incomplete. Easiest fix is for people to fill out Google Docs contact sheet.

NEEDS ATTENTION: Lisa, for whatever reason, your name comes up on Doodle but not your preferred times.

MOVING FORWARD: Here's a suggested breakdown of teams to connect as you decide (via email or phone once you fill out Google Docs sheet - or here)

MON: 7 pm Jonathan & Alba

TUESDAY OR WED - 7-8 PM: Brian & Jeanine

WED OR THUR - 7-8 PM: Suzanne, John & Ryan

WED OR THUR - 7-8: Sagan & Neal

SAT 10-11: Claudio & Smitha

Lisa, as soon as you tell me your days, I will either make time to team with you or you can work with another group. Obviously, this groupings are random. If you want bigger groups, then connect with each other. But hopefully this works. At some point, maybe we can all connect in person. Personally, I wouldn't want to do it online. It would feel more like a focus group or class than anything helpful, but again, self-organize.

Here are some working suggestions I'll share. Hopefully others will offer your own.


  • Create projects based on the course, bring a project to work on around the coursework, create a project
  • Break down a timing structure and keep to it (eg. 15 minutes per person) My experience is fear of control subverts efficacy when groups are embarrassed to maintain discipline.
  • Share your group efforts with other groups via this message board.

Hope this all makes sense. Feel free to email me at jfieldster@gmail.com or call at 917 699 6987. And please share your feedback.

Hi Jonathan, sorry for delay. My father in law passed last week so my efforts are elsewhere at the moment. I'll come back as soon as life settles.

Hi, Lisa... so sorry about your father-in-law. I hope you're well. If you're still interested, one other person signed up on the Google sheets. His name is Neal. If you put your email maybe I can coordinate something.Here is a link to that Google doc signup. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1O8ewoupZ9_... Jonathan

To all who signed up on the Doodle. Thanks so much but most of you did not sign up here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1O8ewoupZ9_... My apologies for making this less user-friendly than ideal (shame on me). At this point unless more people provide more information, there's no way to make this work. So there is no planned meetup, as of now. I will check the Google sheet and see if things are changed mid-week.

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