UX Meetup Over Coffee

Hi all! Please use this discussion thread to discuss UX Meetup Over Coffee held on Apr 6, 2018. Feel free to ask questions about the place, date and time, agenda of the meeting, or anything else.

Would love to join but traveling this weekend. Happy to attend the next one. Cheers

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If anyone can suggest a good coffee place, that would be great!

Hello! Have you guys decided on a place? Need to plan my schedule to see if I can make it to the location in time :-D

Hi guys! Any updates on location for the meet up today? Would love to attend!

This event is during working hours??

Hi Jocelyn,

Yeah, just a short meet-up over coffee if you available.

Hi guys,

We might need to move it next week. So at least we have more time to find a place. Would appreciate suggestion of the place. Think most of you guys are in the central? And then we can decide the time. Thank you!

Hey, thanks for hosting this!

If you're still looking for a place, I think The Central has some fairly decent places for a meet up. Coffeemin is a relatively cosy co-working cafe that charges by the hour. You could probably reach out to them to negotiate something. In the same building, there's also Lumine Café in the new Lumine store, which is relatively quiet and cozy, and really conducive for small group discussions.

I typically find Starbucks/CBTL/Costa to be too noisy, so I haven't made any suggestions there. Hope you find this useful, regardless!

So sorry for such a short notice!

Hi there,

I couldn't attend this meet-up today. Next round! :D

Have a good day.

Hey All - if we did it over a weekend it would be awesome yea?!

Hey Guys, missed this meet-up and unfortunately will have to miss the next too as I am traveling. So hopefully next meet-up

Hello Zyra:) Thanks for organising the meet up! Sadly, I will be out of Singapore this weekend. But I really want to join there's any further gathering!

Hello everyone!

Seems like schedule has drastically changed for me and had to find another time to have this meet up. But I've actually found a good cafe, it's called The Hangar and just next to Beach Road. They have a room with a long table which can actually accommodate a max of 15 people maybe. I would really love to meet everyone! I was thinking to set it on a weekend, since most of you guys I think are free. But I also have something on every weekend. But if all of you are still really keen, I can still organise for you guys, but would sadly just be dropping by. Otherwise, I'll find another date.

Hope you guys understand, and really sorry that I've been moving the dates.



Hello Guys! Any plans for conducting new meetups anytime soon?

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