UX Meet-Up (CHANGED TO THE 20.9.)

Hi all! Please use this discussion thread to discuss UX Meet-Up over a beer held on Sep 13, 2019. Feel free to ask questions about the place, date and time, agenda of the meeting, or anything else.

Great idea Maike but unfortunately I won't be in Perth! Very keen for another catch up at a later date.



No worries Conrad. I am hoping that we can do those catch-ups on a more regular basis now anyways :)

Hi Everyone,

I'm so glad that a meet-up is being organized (Thank you Maike).

I'm a newbie to the IDF community and to UX as well and for that I'm super keen on attending this event, getting to know you all and learning more from each other. I would love to hear more details about location and time.

- Ivy

Same here - unsure about the date but would love to come if I can. Thanks for organising :)

Great idea, thanks for organising Maike. I am definitely keen on attending.

Hi Perthianer :) No worries, happy to organise, especially for such a great community and this kinda background. It was just a pre-filled date to be honest hahaha I can move it to the 20. September though which is a friday too, if more people want to attend?!

Is everyone member in the IDF facebook group as well? The communication might be easier there then.


Agreed! Have started the thread :-)

Hello fellow IDF Perth crew, I have started a poll in the IDF Perth FB group to get an idea of what time of they people most want to catch up :-) We can then work out a date and venue!

Look forward to meeting up. Cheers Kat

Very good idea Kat, just seen that ;)

Yay, Thanks Maike! I emailed a few weeks back to get this rolling as there was zilch contact from the lead before :-) look forward to meeting you all.

I am in Geraldton guys, but would potentially still be in if I line up some other work & family stuff down there.

Hi folks , keen to meet up on the 13 Sept , please let us know where and what times everyone will be able to make it

Hello Perthians & great WA IDF members - hope you are enjoying the sunshine :-)

We are leaving this open for another week to give more people a chance to engage in choosing the day/time.

Look forward to meeting you all soon.

Don't forget to join the FaceBook group to share any HCD content you think would be great for us to watch, listen or read!



Hi peeps...as Kat has mentioned already, we are going to change the date to the 20.9.


FYI - I have created a poll on the IDF Perth group to find out what date suits everyone for a catchup.

Please hop over, vote and let us know what may work for you.

Look forward to meeting you all soon,

Kat Penno

PS if you are not part of the FB group, please reach out and we can add you.

Hello Everyone,

Great to see a UX Meetup being organized. I am a newbie to IDF and trying get back into UX industry after a long break.

Not sure of the date yet, but would love to attend.

Hi all,
time and location for this meet-up are set. Can´t wait to meet all you fellow IDFers.

Please go to our IDF facebook page and like the 'reminder' I have posted, so I know how many people for sure will attend:

Dôme Café - Deep Water Point in the 'library'
100 The Esplanade, Mount Pleasant Perth, 6153
20.09.2019, 6pm - 7pm


Thanks for organising Maike :-)

I am currently away for work so will not be able to attend this meet-up!

Friends, Maike and I did discuss holding another meet up next month, a morning one before work to allow those who may not be able to attend this meet up, to come along to the next. We will keep you posted on Octobers meet up details.

Enjoy, Kat Penno

Hi Everyone, this is just a quick reminder for tomorrows meet-up. Hope this is marked 'important-red-I-don´t-want-to-miss-out-on' in your calendars hehe ;)
Can´t wait to get to know you all!

Dôme Café - Deep Water Point in the 'library'
100 The Esplanade, Mount Pleasant Perth, 6153
20.09.2019, 6pm - 7pm

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