Paris Online Hangout

Hi all! Please use this discussion thread to discuss Paris Online Hangout held on Mar 5, 2020. Feel free to ask questions about the place, date and time, agenda of the meeting, or anything else.

Hello frends,

I happy to see you all in Paris and I hope there will be no common allergy to English language communication between us.

I come from Toulouse, where I have been living for over two years, where I came from Paris, but I am originally from Belgrade, Serbia. In France I am self-employed micro-entrepreneur, and with similar status in Serbia. I am 10+ years self-employed entrepreneur, digital nomad, for whom is home where is good internet connection, interesting creative project and generous clients.

For the past two weeks I've been in Paris, working on several web projects, in CMS WordPress technology, transferring Woo Commerce e-shops to Shopify, and also developing a web game in HTML5 canvas inside of Adobe Animate.

It is my desire that IDF groups within France start living and developing in other large centers, such as my Toulouse. I would like it to be one of the topics of our conversation, the IDF evolution in France.

A warm greetings to all of you, until our meeting!

Obrad X

Hi Obrad, nice to meet you. I'm in Lyon, so Geneva is my nearest group. But, Paris is closest within France. I believe there is also one in Bordeaux which may be useful for you, being in the South?

Hello Everybody,

On my side, I live near Paris so Paris is the best option.

Looking forward to be part of the local IDF community

Hello Everybody, I am Fathima, I live in Toulouse. I was wondering if there are any IDF groups in Toulouse, France? I would love to be a part of it too. Since this meetup is online, I am definitely looking forward to see you all and be a part of the discussions. Warm greetings until then!


Hello Fathima, I am also in Toulouse. Let's talk about the possibility of forming an IDF in Toulouse. Kind regards, Obrad

Hello Obrad, that sounds like a great idea. Let me know how I can help with that. Have a great evening.

Kind Regards,

Fathima N.

Hello Everybody! Where is meet-up?

Same question as Obrad! Where's the link to join, please?

Is there a meet up now?

If we don't have meet up today, why not organise a new meet up ? I would like to meet people.

Good idea, I'm up for it!

Me too :D


I am in Paris area between LE BOURGET AND Roissy-CDG

Hello Toulouse

Hi! We could use today's meetup to organise a new meetup. I didn't see all these responses until now! I'm new to IDF.

I was thinking maybe do a VR/AR meetup or something?

Perhaps use AltSpace or a similar app that's accesible to both VR users and mobile users.

Let me know what you all think and I'm happy to organise the 'virtual' event for asap.


It is a good idea ! And we can also meet in a café or a pub in Paris, I can organize that for the people who want to come, even though we are just several people :)

Good idea

i just see the reply button

Une bouffe un midi par exemple ?

Yes, that sounds great. I'm based near Lyon;. I would definately be interested in meeting up in Paris at some point.

For the idea of a VR/AR meetup, if people could leave comments who are interested and state what days/times are generally most convenient I can try and set things up.

Heh that is great! We started to communicate. And yes the communication in UX design between members of team is most important. Let's get this all right. I'm in Toulouse right now, but I'll be back in Paris next 2-3 weeks, from 9th March, I'm very in the mood for IDF meetings, in Paris, Toulouse, anywhere in France. I am quite sure that France needs this as soon as possible...

I never use such tools it's an excellent occasion to use one

For real life meeting in Paris why not for dejeuner by example ?

I work rignt now in Bezons and it took just 45mn to be at the center of Paris (Opera, les halles).

Yes that is great - Opera or Châtelet–Les Halles, there is one big restaurant cafeteria "Ma Cocotte aux Halles" - I've been there twice before in February to meet clients and friends, a very spacious and bright space, easy to meet ...

Don't be ashamed of communication in English, it's perfectly acceptable, and when you make mistakes ...

Mistake ? no that's poetry :-)

I will be available during the weekend, even in the morning, or during the week, after 19:00 at the center of Paris.

Saturday is fine for me also.

During the week i can but shortly 19-20h i need to be at home not too late

I'm in Paris next weeks, I'm sure we will find a solution to meet and start IDF socializing.

Yes sure we will

As I will certainly contact the people here who have expressed their desire for IDF socialization in Paris, we can also consider all possible options for future live and virtual reunions.

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