New Year’s Drinks

Hi all! Please use this discussion thread to discuss New Year’s Drinks & Talks held on Jan 10, 2019. Feel free to ask questions about the place, date and time, agenda of the meeting, or anything else.

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Hi everyone,

I hope the flu or the January blues hasn't affected you and that you are looking forward to tomorrow's meet up!

Some members have already indicated that they are working on some new projects or ideas they would like to share.

Besides that, it will be easy-going talks and drinks.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out: +31627464847.

Cheers, Zita

Just to make sure, in some places it says the event is at 6 and other places it says 6.30pm... Which one is it? :D

And see you this evening :)

Completely right! Official start is at 18.30 but I will already be there from 18, so if you are early thats fine :-)

Hey everyone,

Nice to see you all at the Social UX kick-off meetup.

As promised, I collected the projects and ideas from the community that were presented, so that you can connect, give feedback or support those which you have interest in (below).

The next weeks, I will be busy with putting this year’s agenda together, so feel free to share any ideas for topics that you still have.

Also, if you are working for a company that would like to host a meetup for these fresh minded members, feel free to get in touch.

Have a great weekend!

Zita Dusa

1st presenter: Yaro, social entrepreneur

2nd presenter: Anouschka, user researcher & interaction designer

  • Project focus this year: SterkZZP
  • Description: helping freelancers to more work and better contract conditions with a fair fee
  • Where you can help: once the prototype is ready through feedback

3rd presenter: Joost, Purpose Design

  • Project focus this year: Design Sprints & UX weekend introduction course
  • Description: Joost and Brian are launching a UX weekend course for beginners
  • Where you can help: connect with them if you are interested to join their course

4th presenter: Fako & Gaspard

  • Project focus this year: Https:// (test app)
  • Description: creating a platform for 2ndhand clothes that really finds what you like
  • Where you can help: try it and give them feedback!
  • Fako:
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