Let's catch up before the Xmas craziness!

Hi all! Please use this discussion thread to discuss Let's catch up before the Xmas craziness! held on Oct 17, 2019. Feel free to ask questions about the place, date and time, agenda of the meeting, or anything else.

Hi all! I thought it would be great to catch up at this arcade bar for some games; drinks; and chat! I'd love to hear your UX horror stories... have you used an App which is counter-intuitive? Problems with website registration processes? Anything! Especially if it has a happy ending - were you brought on board to fix it? How did you go about it? Bring some friends and lets just kick back and have a good time! :-)

Hello Rebecca, Thanks for organizing this event , hope everyone will make it . I was wondering if we could change the date to 18th of October , Friday.. and please attendants let me know what do u think about shifting the event to Friday ...Thanks

Hi there! Afraid I can't do Fri 18th - maybe another time? I can still run with Thursday if others can make it?

I would recommend only people who definately can attend accept the invitation to this meetup. The last one we had - which I went to - only 2 other people turned up even though it showed about 12 or more who could!

Peak end Rule applies here so I have lost trust, but willing to give the group the benefit of doubt and come along!

Thats why I would suggest before we arrange a day we have some days to choose from ... ill try to organize it in a better way .. for everyone through a facebook page

Hi. Is this still on for today (17 Thurs)?


I am here! Grabbing a table in the courtyard!!! ;-

Where are you? Text me on 0466822905 - can’t manage this group through this community site!

Hi Rebecca, are you still here?

Are you cat fishing us?

Yet again, 11 people confirming they can make it, and no one here apart from me. Or am I wrong?

Apologies Ashish- we just captured those we could find who were looking lost! Maybe the next organiser will be more prepared and do signage

I'm finishing work - will leave at 6 but work 15 mins from there, my ETA would be sth like 6.20 - Will you guys be there?

Ah sorry guys- I definitely need a sign! Had no signal inside!!! We did have a small meetup of 3. :-

What are you on about Rebecca? How long did you even stay? You know what, had a great time in the end with the lovely Emily and Morita but this is the last time I attend another IDF meet-up! Kholoud - if you need help in organising, let me know, cos through this community group on this platform, it’s nonsense.

Yet you must have all left after 45 minutes.

R, thanks for organising the meet-up. Was pleasure meeting you guys.Till next time.

Thanks for organising Bec, it was nice meeting you both. We better prepare a sign and or share ways to communicate outside this platform next time. Cheers

Thanks Rebecca , and everyone who attended this meeting , hope u had a great time . I am sorry for everyone could not find the group , and i am sorry i could not be there as well .Thanks Rebecca again ..

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