LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Design Thinking Workshop

Guys! I'm opening a new Meetup for July 26th. This is not the usual Meetup with talk and networking. We'll be going right into business with a 3h workshop by our colleague and member of IDF, Enrique Conches!

You only need to pay for the material, which is 7€ per person. If you want to come please give me a shout out right here! You have until midday tomorrow before I open it up to everyone else (non IDF members)

Top! I want to go

I want to attend :)

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I'm in :) Thank you.

I’m in! Thx

Guys! It's published. Sign up here:

Signed up done! thanks :)

Few spaces left! Hurry up sign up today!

I want to go too! Thanks

send me an email please

Hi everyone, I have a couple of places left!

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