It's all about people (not just about UX) #2 - Gathering suggestions

Hi all! Please use this thread to discuss about the place, date and time, agenda of the meeting, or anything else.
I've set the date on Jan 29 but it can be discussed (but it's good to have a starting point).
If no one answer you'll find me there anyway :)

All comments:

Hi David. Thanks for organizing this Meet-Up. Looking forward to meeting you and others.

I finish work at 18:30 but will try to finish a little early so I can make it on time. Depends on traffic but might be 10-15mins late.

I have a suggestion for a possible discussion topic. How about where we see the future of design heading? Although I'm not so knowledgeable on that topic, definitely not able to do a whole long discussion on it.

I'm happy to discuss one design project I have been recently involved with. Would enjoy hearing any other IDF'ers experiences also!! Anyone else got something to share??

Hi Monique, thanks for expressing your interest.

All the suggestions are warmly welcomed as far as they cover a shared interest. Your question "where we see the future of design heading?" is quite broad in my opinion. Design is a very broad field and stated like this sounds like a speculative design topic.
Probably you refer to UX design and future fields of application? That would be nice because it might help setting some specific field to specialize ; btw I'll personally take any prevision with a grain of salt ;)

Bring what you want to share, I'm interested in seeing the process that you've followed ;)

If you (all) agree I'd suggest to go like this:

  1. a quick didascalic introduction (background of origin and motivation to learn UX principles)
  2. what are we heading for (building a prtfolio? changing our carrer path? seeking a promotion? any other goal? whatever...) and if we'll find common goals we could find some synergyes to pursue them the easiest way. (I'd not exclude that, because of different goals, more than one group can raise).
  3. than go with the flow and we'll see what happen! :)

What do you (all) think about? Any other proposal?

DISCLAIMER: I've just open a meetup like any active user can do, but I don't decide anything, I just set what I consider a "default"; in this cas I've set a sort of "proto-program" just to have a shared idea of what to expect. Feel free to propose any edit to the program, it's open to contributions ;)

See you there tomorrow ;)

Hi, unfortunately I can't join the meet up due to family stuff :)
in case you will meet anyway, have fun. I won't miss the next one.

See you nex time than :)
Stay healty! ;)

Hi guys, I have a meeting at 18:00, I try to join you guys at the cafè after that (I think around 19:30). I don't wan't to miss the discussion ;)

See you later!

Rizo is closed today (sorry, I've not checked). Just cross the street, we are already at Hermann's. See you ;)

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