IDX UX + Coffee

Hi all! Please use this discussion thread to discuss IDX UX + Coffee held on Jan 19, 2019. Feel free to ask questions about the place, date and time, agenda of the meeting, or anything else.

It went into my Calendar as Jan 19 to Feb 02. That's a very long coffee haha.

Hi Terra it looks like your the only one signed up to do this, would you still meet up to chat about this class and other UX things if no ones else signs up? I am still up for it but didn't want to show up to find out no one attended! I also didn't noticed my posted time for coffee is so long lol I will change that

Hey Josh, I’d still be up to meet even if it’s just the two. Curse of remote working, I need to have a reason to go outside.

There is also the UX group on Meetup. You should check that out too.

I joined that local UX group but they only meet once month in the pub, I messaged them about maybe hosting another meet and a couple people show interest in meeting more often

have you made your way through to the end of any of these on line classes yet?

Nope. Only signed up at the end of January. But really enjoying the HCI one.

nice ! I am pretty new as well, I am learning coding and working my way through this as well, glad to see at least one other person active on here! perhaps we can share our future works with each other as we learn, could really use another persons perspective on leaning this stuff!

Can we change the day for meeting to Sunday

Hey Josh. Sorry, just seen this. I can't do Sunday, but we can certainly reschedule for another day. Let me know what works. Just to confirm, I won't be there today, hopefully you get this. Also, are you on the YYJ Tech slack. If you are message me @ Tara Price (it's a better way to communicate.)

Sorry again for the late reply, completely missed this message.


I saw the message in time it’s all good ! Will try and connect on the Tech slack instead !

Hey Josh and Tara, I'm brand new here and would love to meet up next time you do this!

Hello! I'm new here. I can't make it to the Jan 19 but I would love to go next time.

Oh I just notice your posts say "11 month ago". I guess I'm one year behind hahaha

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