IDF Zurich Meet-up, Thur, Oct 19th

Dear all

Please use this discussion thread to discuss IDF Zurich Meet-up, held on Thur Oct 19. Again at the (long table), because I could not find a better location yet.

Feel free to ask questions about the place, date and time, agenda of the meeting, or anything else.

According to the future Meet-up survey we will discuss an hour starting 19:00 on regular and proposed topics.

The discussion is open which 2-4 topics shall be discussed ;-)

My favorite

regular topics
- Insights from daily use and personal/best practice
- Exchange on high/lowlights in our daily work with providing ux services to customers or internaly

special topics
- Persuation ; How to sell usability research?
- UX how it is integrated in companies [yours]

All comments:

Sorry again about the Bahnhofstrasse and -platz mix up. Thanks to the guys and lady who still showed up after a short stroll.

The cartoon about how important it is to get the involved stakeholders aligned:


See or hear from you next time!

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