IDF Toronto UX meetup

yes, let’s have a location this time, not so someone can get a badge on here

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hi, I'm new here and also new to UI/UX. I don't mind if there is anyone who really wants to out through the transition. I live in Brampton, Ontario.

Welcome to UI/UX Abdulkabir!

I am new to formal UI snd UX and looking to meet like minded creatives. Working on day job and personal projects and i am just looking forward to opportunity to meet people in the space.

Once again, this is being used by someone to get a badge. If you are going to create an event, make it user-friendly: you’ve picked the date, but you also need to pick the time and place, them you need to arrange it. Doing this by committee can only go so far. So: Near a subway, after work or on the weekend, at a place that can hold 25 or more people (not a coffee shop) and get people to commit by following up. The leadership badge doesn’t mean anything if you don’t lead

Hi everyone, I would love to join you all, but will be out of town. Happy networking.
cheers, Laura

Do we have the location for this event?

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