IDF Tokyo Online Hang Out

Hi all! Please use this discussion thread to discuss IDF Tokyo Online Hang Out held on Jul 17, 2020. Feel free to ask questions about the place, date and time, agenda of the meeting, or anything else.

Great idea Elly!! Thank you for posting. You can put the hangout link in the location box, or just post in the comments on the day!

Hi Maxwell.

Thanks for letting me know;)

I'll try to edit the meeting info then.

Thank you for the meeting call. May I need to prepare something to attend the meeting in advance? (ppt slide for self-introduction, use case of UX, and so on)

Hi!Aki-Hiro san,

thanks for your message.

I would say its up to you;)

I wasn't thinking of making it formal with strict agenda or structure. Just wanted to meet people and casually talk.

Having said that, it would be great to see your work etc if you can share:)

Thanks for your response. I would like to share our experience of an online design workshop which was held in Yokohama City University as a lecture of Graduate School of Data Science. I will prepare some slides to share the information about our experience in the meeting. I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

Thanks for your proactiveness Akihiro-san! Looking forward to hearing about it:)

hello, sorry but I can't make it tonight, hope you have a good meet-up.

Too bad. Thanks for the heads up!

Hope to see you another time :)

Hi All,

Thank you for spending your Friday night with us!

Apologies if it wasn't smooth at first but I think at the end we all learned something new. (At least on how to use Google meet lol)

Looking forward to meeting you another time and some day in person:)

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