IDF Tokyo cozy meet-up Rethink Cafe Shibuya

Hi all! Please use this discussion thread to discuss IDF Tokyo cozy meet-up held on May 4, 2019. Feel free to ask questions about the place, date and time, agenda of the meeting, or anything else.

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Hello there! I'm up as long as it's in central Tokyo! What area were you thinking?

Hello, I was thinking about Shibuya, Ebisu or Shinjuku! What do you think?

Yes, either one sounds good and easy to commute to from outside Tokyo as well! Looking forward to meeting everyone.

Hi, I'm currently based in London, could I attend remotely, or will it be livestreamed (or be recorded)?

Hello and sorry for the late reply. I am sorry but to my knowledge, I do not think that anybody intends to livestream the event.

Hello everyone, I just wanted to let you know how is it going about the event. I have been trying to make reservations in different bars and coffee shops for the past 2 weeks, but due to the Golden Week, the places I tried to call were either full or closed for the date I was hoping for. I also saw that somebody wanted to organize something in Yokohama. Any suggestions?

I think we should go to any larger coffee shop like starbucks and whoever arrives earlier should get a big table for at least 5-6 people. Last time I organized an event out of 8 only 2 people actually made it, so looking at the current list I think the more realistic number is going to be about 5-6 people? Generally for small meet-ups even if 50% of people make it it's good. I might be wrong and maybe everyone will come this time though! Just my 2 cents

In that case, let's meet at the Rethink Cafe in Shibuya. If the cafe is crowded we could move to any Starbucks/Tully's/Doutoor nearby.


I totally forgot but please add me on line if you need help finding the place etc.


See you laters guys

I ended up getting sick after my trip to Kobe so won't be able to make it :( Hope to meet everyone next time!

Just wanted to let you know guys that I am already in and you cannot really miss me if you go in!

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