IDF Stockholm Remote Meetup Group #2: August 4, 2018

Hi all! Please use this discussion thread to discuss IDF Stockholm Remote Meetup Group #2: August 2018 held on Aug 4, 2018. Feel free to ask questions about the place, date and time, agenda of the meeting, or anything else.

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Hi friends,

We recently had our first remote meetup and according to the wishes of the members, we booked the next meeting for the 4th of August a bit earlier, in other words, at 10 am (Stockholm time).

We would appreciate it very much if you could suggest topics of interest and even the application you prefer that we use. So far we have used Skype but maybe you prefer another like Zoom. Please give feedback on this.

Thank you.

Have a wonderful day.

Best regards,

Veronica Chiaravalli


I am looking forward to our meetup.

Do not forget to install skype and contact me so I can add you to my contact list.

Do you have any suggestions regarding topics? Please feel free to comment and bring an article or any other resource you want to share.

Let us have a coffee and nice chat.

Best regards,



I would like to remind you that today at 10 am Stockholm time we have our online meetup via skype. Connect with me at matrix5358.

If you have any problems send me an email to

Bring along articles, tips on books, and other resources you would like to share and speak about.

A short plan:

10.00 - Introduction of the members

10.15 - Talk about the courses we are studying and share experiences, etc.

10.30 - Share articles, books, and other resources

10.10 - Decide on topics for next meet-up

11.00 - End of online meetup.

Notice that we have a Facebook and a LinkedIn group. The links are in our previous messages where we talked about the past meetup.

Best regards,



The meetup starts now but nobody is online except me.

I sent a message to each one of you. Please do not forget to add me via skype. My skype is matrix5358 as I wrote in our previous meetup page.
If you cannot make it, it is fine but add me so we can meet next time.

Have a nice day.



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