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Hi all! Please use this discussion thread to discuss Design Thinking Workshop held on Feb 15, 2020. Feel free to ask questions about the place, date and time, agenda of the meeting, or anything else.

Thanks for the update Nilesh. Luckily saw the location post i accepted the invite and very much glad to learn that the workshop is within my vicinity.

I would like to understand from the above mentioned framework aspect, if we are dealing with complex systems; which moved far ahead in the development cycle and very less chances of UX research and very delayed design decision from key owners/ stake holders, how do we address the UX issues for such systems (which definitely needs attention) as a visual designer? As a whole lot of things are expected as a UX, UI/ Visual designer.

Hi Sachin, Hope Nilesh can reachout and give you the answer, I would like to share my experience and the approach I am following.

When a product is already developed and have a user base already, before they decide to have a UX designer/researcher on board, the application has a huge backlog called UX deficit.
I have been in this situation, well there is worse case, when i joined the organization they were in urgent need of merging the 3 applications they had into 1. This all above the UX deficit the original application has.

The best approach for this is that we have to multitask,

1. Collect the data, maximum that you can about the user behavior.

2. Start making obvious changes per sprint, see what you can change that will improve UX at least that specific page.

3. Map userflows, user journeys, Information Architecture, create/correct user personas whatever you can on your own, and start picking up flaws in them.

4. Start pitching the change by pointing the flaws and its effect from user data you got to the product owner/ stake holders.

Since lot is expected from you, its obvious that there is lots of UX deficit and lot of it you will understand are clearly wrong. Something you can get fixed before you start the major user researchs. Slowly you can bring the product to a stage where the stakeholder will support you in making bigger step.

Lets meet at the meetup and discuss.

Hi Sachin,

Sorry for Late reply, And I agreed on Sachin's Reply

By Conducting the usability test try to collect the data, and synthesise the all gather data to provide more better flows.

Start making obvious changes per sprint, see what you can change that will improve UX at least that specific page.

Start picking up flaws in your current application and try to correct the userflows, user journeys, Information Architecture, by your own and present to the team for update.

If you still now clear we will discuss more in workshop. thanks

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