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Hi all! Please use this discussion thread to discuss cosy coffee meet up UX CPH held on Sep 24, 2018. Feel free to ask questions about the place, date and time, agenda of the meeting, or anything else.

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Hi all

Is this meetup still in the books? If yes, then where

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Date is currently free in my Calendar, I note that Rick Ashley is playing that evening...

I would love to join.

Will we have any special topic for this meet up? I would like to discuss something, but since all my work is under NDA, it would be great if i would be able to prepare something.

Hi there - I am new to IDF and curious about UX. Where will the meetup take place?

Hi all

Is this meetup still in the books? If yes, then where

any updates about the meeting place?

Hi guys.

Unfortunately can't make it today, finish work at 17.00.

Have a great meeting

hello, I’m at the cafe and will be here for another 15 -30 minutes.

Hi, didn't it move to September 28th, i.e. today? I'm here now but don't think anyone else is. Has the time changed?

Hello guys, I am so sorry got trapped at work and didn't even had a break to write I won't come. I am really really sorry, I see that organizing idf meetings is definitely not my strong side. If anyone wants to meet one day please let me know where and what time. I should also check the reminders/emails from idf cos I don't seem to get them. Once again I am sorry for waisitng your time Kathrine Storm and Sneha Ray Sarkar.

I am sorry to see this did not work out perfectly.

Being in Hillerød, it's a 45min tour to get into cph. And the afternoons are tough. Would it be possible to suggest a slightly later time, say 7-ish, so we don't get caught up at work and can make the trip after sorting out børn, osv?

I am hopeful, let's try again.

Sure Matt, as you can see I am not very succesful with making those events happen. You can come up with a suggestion for a place an date:)


I was wondering, if a meeting like this is going to happen again?

Hej Tine, if you are willing to you could organize one as well:) I would love to meet more people who are just starting or already have experience with UX. I will be out of town for two weeks almost but really looking forward to meet you guys.

I would vote, like vote on a place and time, is everyone somehow central cph? Being in Hillerød I have to travel 45min, so interested in what distances are acceptable for folk.

Hello Joanna

Thank you for your reply. I am new to the whole UX thing and would really like to meet people who are also new or already have some experience with it. Coffee meeting sounds really great to me and would love to do it!

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