Morning Coffee UX Meetup, PC Europa, Caffeine

Hello IDF Vilnius,

I invite you to kick start your morning with a cup of coffee along with fellow UX designers and enthusiasts at PC Europa, Coffee Inn (left to Crustum)! No strict agenda - informal, cozy meet-up to discuss common problems and share insights, or just chat about anything else. It can be anything from a simple Meet & Greet to a full meet-up.


Hello, Eivinas

I want to thank you for organizing a meet-up.
I'm from Klaipėda.
For me its bad time, so i cannot be there.

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Hi Eivinas,

Thanks for organising this meet-up.

I will be there. See you this Friday at 8am.




Thanks for the initiative. Unfortunately, I am not able to participate.


Hi guys,

Just an update for future reference. We had a cozy full hour meet-up this morning, it seems that people would like to have more meet-ups in the future, perhaps on a larger scale. I would like to thank Ieva Staneliūnaitė, Oskaras Anosovas and Tomas Balius for attending.

It was great to see my current colleague Ieva joining me for the meet-up, as well as Oskaras, my previous colleague in another company to join too, haven't seen him for a while. I also had the opportunity to meet Tomas and get to know him.

I believe that this first initial meet-up can be an example for potential meet-ups in the future, all it takes is the interest of other enthusiasts that are willing to participate.

Looking forward to see more faces on our next meet-up.

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