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Hi all! Please use this discussion thread to discuss Coffee+freelance journey held on Feb 27, 2019. Feel free to ask questions about the place, date and time, agenda of the meeting, or anything else.

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I'd love to meet, but Wednesday nights I'm busy. How about either another 4-6 day or daytime meeting?

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Hey there Kitty. I'm still keen to meet up, whether we get any more takers or not ... just starting out in freelance and would love to hear about your experiences. Let me know if you have any preferences re where to meet. Otherwise, I was thinking Birchwood in Longfellow?

I'd love to meet, but Wednesday nights I'm busy. How about either another 4-6 day or daytime meeting?

Hi David, thanks so much for connecting! There is someone else interested, but can't see where that is. Would next Thursday work for you? 7th? LMK and in the meantime, will try to locate the response from the other member! Cheers, Anne

PS -- I requested email updates, but somehow missed your response!

Hi Kitty, you OK if we move this to Thursday 7, same time? Let me know. Cheers, Anne

Hi Anne! Sorry I hadn't realized that I wasn't listed as attending, but I should be now. I have a conference at the McNamara Alumni Center that runs until 4pm, so I may be a little late in my arrival. Looking forward to seeing everyone who's available!

Hi Rothanak, no problem. We're going to shift it out a week to hopefully accommodate David. I'll update accordingly. Cheers, Anne

Hi Anne, Just responded via LinkedIn. Yes, next Thurs 3/7 works fine.

Great -- I've updated the event. Hopefully this will be communicated with you!

I'm not sure yet if 3/7/19 will work. I'll let you know for sure by this time tomorrow.

Hi all, just back from a quick trip to Denver. Checking in that you're all still up for catching up at Birchwood cafe tomorrow? Again, let me know if you have a different preference re venue. My cell is 612-859-0258 if anything should change between now and then. O/wise, will look forward to meeting you and sharing experiences!



Hi all, Kitty and I will be meeting at Birchwood Cafe at 4 pm if you can make it. If not, will look forward to catching up at some future IDF event! Cheers, Anne

Thanks Rothanak and Kitty for making it out yesterday. Great to meet you both and hear about your UX journey! Sorry you weren't able to make it David, but will keep you posted re any next meetups!

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