Coffee and UX meet up, Manchester city Centre?

Hi all! Please use this discussion thread to discuss Coffee and UX meet up, Manchester city Centre? held on Jun 8, 2018. Feel free to ask questions about the place, date and time, agenda of the meeting, or anything else.

Count me in!

Sounds good! What time are you thinking?

Hi folks, this will be my first IDF meetup, looking forward to it :-)

ok great, cheers guys. I was thinking around 6pm?

Hi guys, just realised I had this down for the 8th June which is my sons 1st Birthday. Can we change it to the 7th?

Also on a side note as this is a post work engagement I wouldn't complain if the chosen location also sold cold beer.

hi. This will be my first IDF Meetup as well. Looking forward to it. Have the place been decided

Confirmed Cafe Nero for me, anyone else have a preference?

Hi mate, sorry is the meet up June 7th or 8th the link said 7th don’t want to be sitting there in my own haha

7th June :-)

ah thank you, see you guys there

Hi All,

I just joined the IDF and am in Manchester. I can't make this meet-up, but hope to get to some in the future.

Look forward to meeting you.


Im ready when you are guys and ladies. Sat at the bottom of the stairs right now. See ya soon

Look for the Macbook :-)

really sorry guys I couldn’t make it because of the train issues coming from liverpool way :( will be at the next one! Hope you all had an awesome meetup

I hope the meet up went well last week which I couldn't make unfortunately. I'm one of the organisers of Ladies that UX Liverpool and we have a empathy mapping workshopmeet up this Thursday, if anyone fancies it? Everyone is welcome, it's not just ladies :)

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