Coffee and UX Meet-up

Happy New Year!

I'm a product design (UX) manager at Epiq. I recently started my first course "Interaction Design for Usability." I'm looking forward to meeting some local IDFers and hearing more about your experiences.

Hi Danielle! Thank you for introducing yourself :) I've also enrolled in that course and look forward to meeting you and talking. See you soon!

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Hi everyone,

I'm a graphic designer, eager to learn more about UX/UI Design.
Looking forward to meet you all!

Hey Macarena! Thanks for saying hi to the group. I'm glad you can attend this meet-up and I look forward to meeting you in person soon :)

Hi everyone! I'm an account manager at a software company. Currently working on an MLIS with a specialization in UX design. I'm hoping to learn more from these IDF classes and my school coursework to make a career shift. Also, it will be nice to network with folks either already in the industry or with a similar path.

Hi Christine, thanks for introducing yourself. I am also passionate about information and system design! I look forward to meeting you this Saturday and working together in IDF. Kindly, Johanna

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