Button Bar It is then

Is 6:30PM good with everyone? I was thinking about booking this place http://button-bar.com.au/ it's in Surry Hills close to central. Are any of you thinking of bringing a work mate or someone else with you? Please let me know so I can book a table for the appropriate number of people. If anyone has any other suggestions I'm open to hearing them out.

It would be great if it can move to 6:30 :)

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Happy for either :)

I'm happy for either as well :)

happy for either as well :)

Umm...People, are we good with 6:30pm and Surry hills? If no one has any input by tomorrow, then I'm going ahead with the location I've selected. Speak now people....well you all have until tomorrow really.

would love to be there but I'm coming down with something and also pushing a couple of major deadlines. Next time for sure.

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