A cozy coffee meetup invitation from a non-Milanese!

Caio everyone! Please use this discussion thread to discuss about this upcoming “cozy coffee meetup invitation from a non-Milanese!” held on Feb 22, 2019. Feel free to give some suggestions on the place, and ask any questions you may have here about the date and time, agenda of the meeting, or anything else! Looking forward to meet you all!

Hi, I'm from the IDF Community of Zurich, probably I'm in Milan that week, can I come?

Of course! You are more than welcome

Hi all!! The today meet up is canceled?? Or I have made a mistake with the meetup's date??

Thanks 😁

Hello Arianna! The meet-up has not yet happened! So you did not missed anything! ;) It will hold on the 22nd of this month! (Friday night!!!)

Ciao everyone! How’s everyone doing today! Amazing sunny day in Milan today no? ;)

Thank you all who had decided to join this upcoming meet-up, very much looking forward to meet everyone!

So, what’s left to do is the location lol I tried my best to came up with the following three places just to get the discussion going here. What do you guys think? Any other places that would be good for approx. 20 people? Any recommendations/comments are much appreciated!

- moleskin cafe (moleskin.com)

- OTTO (sarpiotto.com)

- Base (base.milsno.it)

Ciao for now

Ciao! I'd love to attend this meetup and I hope to be able to come. Regarding the location I only know the first one, moleskine cafe, but all the others also look great. Thank you for the links!

Thank you Giovanni for your reply!

Hi Guys,

I have a question. Will this meetup be held in English?

I ask because I do not speak italian.

I am assuming this meetup will be held in English as I also do not speak any Italian! ;)

Hi! OTTO is a very good choice for a friday night! Other places are good in the morning or afternoon

Hiii Simona! Thank you for your input! I checked out the places on site and just like you said, it seems like OTTO is the best for Friday night! :) I will wait and see if there are any more recommendations till tonight, if not we will go ahead and set the meetup location at OTTO!


Ciao everyone! I hope Monday has treating everyone good so far with this lovely weather!

So, the meetup location has been updated and finalized! (woohoo)
It will take place at this amazing place called "oTTo", for specific location you can click this link to open up in Google Map (https://goo.gl/maps/gNjoDCCzjKC2)

Cheers and I look forward to meet you all this Friday night!

See you at oTTo!

See you there, I'm coming!

Perfect Francesca! See you tonight!

And hope everyone is reading this, I’m wearing a green knit hat today, so should be easy to spot!

Hey Enya and everyone else, thanks for tonight, I had a wonderful evening tonight. Glad meeting you guys. Looking forward to another event like this! Enjoy the weekend!

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