2017-10-31 Halloween Meetup

The first meeting for our group was fun and interesting. I met with a number of coworkers from my company and their friends and family who directly do design related work or are interested in UX design.

We discussed a number of topics that we would be interested in tackling as a big group and some ideas for possible workshops that we could do.

Possible topics include:

* the impact of UX design on productivity
* preventing group think during ideation
* social media interfaces and echo chambers
* overly addictive interfaces
* UX design and safety in physical machines
* poor UX design and how it relates to waste
* fear of change
* the conflict of user needs and business goals in interface design

Let's hope that some of the people I introduced to the IDF decide to join.

As I make my way around I plan on getting more information and ideas from everyone I meet!

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