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PDC 2012 - The 12th biennial Participatory Design Conference


PDCs started as a dialogue about user involvement in IT systems development between, on the one hand, Scandinavian scholars and promoters and, on the other hand, European and Americans interested in how the Scandinavian experience could be adopted and extended. Since then, the conference agendas have broadened to address participatory approaches in a variety of other arenas, including communications, computer supported cooperative work (CSCW), healthcare, new media, architecture, the arts, and others.

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Call For Participation (CfP)

Join us in Roskilde, Denmark in 2012 to celebrate the 12th biennial Participatory Design Conference (PDC).

The conference theme for PDC 2012 is: Embracing New Territories of Participation.

With firm roots in the original Participatory Design focus on involving people in the introduction of technology into their work, the theme of the next PDC conference invites us to explore traditional fields of participatory design as well as emerging areas, field, arenas and forms of participation.

Skilled workers are still participating in design processes aiming at developing tools for quality of working life, but designing for everyday life poses new challenges for the way participation is practiced and understood. Today we are designing engaging experiences not only through participation but also for participation.

New Do-It-Yourself technologies change the way we perceive the end-user in the design process and the availability of open source software and hardware tools kits such as electronics prototyping platform enable people to produce their own applications, and thereby extend the design process into use. What we used to understand as end-users become designers hereby dissolving the boundaries between use and designing, and challenges our general understanding of users as participants in the design process.

By deliberately embracing new territories we invite you not only to explore traditional fields of participatory design but also address what participation could offer in the broad and expanding design contexts.

There are many ways that you can participate in PDC including the presentation of traditional research papers, or industry case studies. You can also participate in a range workshops perhaps you want to organize a workshop yourself.

Last but not least, come along and enjoy both the technical and social program, catch up with old friends, and meet some new ones.

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Proceedings of the 12th Participatory Design Conference. Volume 2 Exploratory Papers, Workshop Descriptions, Industry Cases 2012.

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