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First International Workshop on Live Programming, in conjunction with ICSE 2013

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Call For Participation (CfP)

The workshop will be in the format of an unconference, with topics decided by the interests of the attendees. Below are examples of some, but by far not all (as organizers we do not want to limit the scope of the workshop with our own notion of live programming!) questions that we hope to discuss in the duration of the workshop.

We encourage position papers, tool demonstrations, and live coding performances that raise excitement and bring insight to these and other questions.

What are the defining features of live programming and live coding environments?
Tool descriptions and live demos of existing live programming systems.
How can existing programming systems become more interactive?
How do live programming environments help or hinder learning?
What are historical precedents for live programming? Why did they succeed/fail?
How does live programming augment/replace existing development tools/workflows?
What are appropriate tool visualizations and affordances?
What developer activities and programming paradigms benefit most from live programming?
What language features help or hinder live programming?
How do existing technologies fit on the spectrum of liveness?
How to apply live programming in non-audio-visual, possibly industrial domains?


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