Alejandro M.

Alejandro Machado

Product Designer at IDF Design League Coaches
San Francisco Bay Area | United States


I am a graduate of Carnegie Mellon's Human Computer Interaction Institute that has taken on the roles of user researcher, user experience designer and software developer. I am currently freelancing and pursuing passion projects. Always teaching and learning.

I follow the following design process, iterated, to craft useful and usable products.


First, I strive to obtain a deep understanding of people’s needs with user research techniques. With these insights, I identify a problem by making informed assumptions that will have to be re-examined in future iterations. Next, I explore the solution space by thinking creatively, often in groups of people.


This is the phase I enjoy the most. It is about combining what has been envisioned by design to what can be (quickly) programmed, and putting it in front of people for a humbling lesson that makes you learn and reiterate.


The product can always be made better, so it makes sense to plan for the minimum viable version and ship it as soon as it’s ready. Insights will come much quicker while in production.


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