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Bring cutting-edge UX courses into your classroom

Are you looking to give your students a leg-up when it comes to their career? Look no further—you can provide them with the most industry-relevant design curriculum available, through an Academic Membership with the Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF).

If approved, your institution—be it an educational start-up or established university—will be able to translate online IxDF course content into offline learning material that you can teach to students through a flipped-classroom model. You’ll also be able to co-brand and co-market the associated Course Certificates.

This is a unique opportunity for you to use almost two decades of top-quality UX design knowledge in your quest to educate tomorrow’s industry leaders.

First-class content

Teach your students UX design by utilizing our top-quality course content. Created by experienced practitioners and academics, it covers everything from the principles of UX to designing for emerging technologies.

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Co-branded certificates

Award your students with co-branded versions of our industry-recognized certificates—a great complement to course credits from your institution, and a step towards their future career.

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Leverage our brand

Use the IxDF name and logo as an indicator of quality throughout your website and marketing efforts. Attract high caliber students by highlighting that you are teaching alongside the very best.

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Tailored curricula

See IxDF course content as a virtual textbook from which you can create customized modules and learning pathways. Effectively teach it all through an offline, flipped-classroom approach.

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Full member benefits

Your students will receive the same benefits as our professional members—including year-long access to our full catalogue of online courses. Let the learning continue outside of the classroom!

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Time for what’s important

A comprehensive dashboard integrating course enrollment, progress tracking, reporting and billing will remove any administrative drudgery and leave you to focus on your teaching.

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Enjoy a simple fee structure

Our flat membership fee makes sense for institutional learning. You can provide your students with unlimited access to courses while saving more, the more you teach!

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Expert help with a global perspective

IxDF’s global design community will be there to provide an extra layer of student support—be it over online discussion forums or in-person at local meet-ups.

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Institutions that utilize our content

Many global institutions trust our course material when it comes to training and education:

Our clients: IBM, HP, Adobe, GE, Accenture, Allianz, Phillips, Deezer, Capgemin, Mcafee, SAP, Telenor, Cigna, British Parliment, State of New York

First-class content across the full spectrum of UX design

Through an Academic Membership, you can transfer online course content from established academics and experienced professionals into ready-to-teach, offline material. You’ll be utilizing educational content from instructors such as:

Frank Spillers, CEO of Experience Dynamics, with decades of experience in UX consultancy at major global brands.

William Hudson, CEO of Syntagm Ltd, with a lifetime of experience in UX consulting and teaching at major global brands.

Alan Dix, co-author of the globally best-selling university-level textbook on Human-Computer Interaction.

By using their course material to enhance your modules and learning pathways, you’ll be able to teach your students everything from the fundamentals of UX design, to more in-depth content such as design thinking, psychology, and emotional design. You’ll be able to use our course material to teach and inspire students who want to become UX designers, as well as those who are seeking careers in product management, front-end development, and marketing. Every one of your students can learn—and will benefit from—great design.

Dual Certificates for double the impact

With an Academic Membership you can take co-branding to the next level, by giving your students dual certificates for every course they complete.

Boost your students’ career prospects by providing them with an industry-recognized Course Certificate alongside your institution’s course credits.

Boost your credibility

As a partner of the IxDF, you’ll be able to lean on our brand as a symbol of top-quality UX education—both to prospective students, and their future employers.


“Ivy League level education in UX, Product Design or Human-Computer Interaction”


Don Norman

“A goldmine of information on interaction design”

Don Norman


4.4/5 “Excellent”


UX Mastery

9/10 “I highly recommend it for anyone.”

UX Mastery

With an Academic Membership, you’ll not only get full access to our vast and growing catalogue of courses, you’ll also become an IxDF educational ambassador within your region. This means you can use the IxDF name and logo throughout your institution’s website and marketing efforts.

Apply to become a partner

Whether you’re an educational start-up or established university, we would like to explore what a partnership with you would look like. Tell us about your institution’s requirements and we’ll be in touch.

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Make more time for teaching

No one likes administrative work—especially people like you, who are passionate about what they’re teaching! That’s why we’ve made managing your institutional membership simple and straightforward.

Our unique dashboard centralizes course enrollment, progress tracking, reporting, and billing. Everything you need to know about what your students have learnt is just one click away.

Save more as you teach more

When you and your students have to pay for new textbooks every time you pick up a new course, costs can skyrocket very quickly. That’s why, unlike other educational providers, the IxDF has a flat membership fee regardless of how many courses you choose to teach.

Besides cost savings, our flat pricing model reflects our core belief that should be a lifelong journey—both inside and outside of the classroom.

Support your students with a global community of designers

community collage

Provide your students with another leg-up into the design world by connecting them with our global design community. Whether they want help with a challenging question or design problem, or just want an opportunity to network, there will be thousands of helpful designers at their disposal.

Discuss your problems in our forums to get valuable input from other designers around the world.

Head to an IxDF meet-up to have an in-depth conversation with designers nearby.

With IxDF Local Groups in every city, your students can connect with UX professionals near you and gain fresh perspectives on their studies and career prospects. They’ll provide a great opportunity for your students to start building their professional profile—and you may even decide that your institution is a perfect place to hold the next IxDF Local Group meet-up!

Upcoming local UX meet-ups

  • Coffee+UX Meetup
    Apr 15, 2021 8:00am–10:00am
    Free meet-up by IxDF Denver 4+ people going
  • Insights of Design Job Market
    Apr 15, 2021 5:30pm–6:30pm
    Free meet-up by IxDF Cary 15+ people going
  • UX in Venture Capital: One designer's journey from visual design to vision
    Apr 15, 2021 6:00pm–7:00pm
    Free meet-up by IxDF Tempe 4+ people going
  • IxDF Portland Design Challenge
    Apr 17, 2021 2:00pm–3:00pm
    Free meet-up by IxDF Portland 2+ people going
  • April Coffee Break + UX Meetup (online, IxDF Boston)
    Apr 20, 2021 6:00pm–7:00pm
    Free meet-up by IxDF Boston 17+ people going
  • How to Build a UX Team
    Apr 21, 2021 12:00pm–1:00pm
    Free meet-up by IxDF Birmingham 5+ people going

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