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Join our Team: A culture of 100% Remote Work and 110% Excellence

Senior Full Stack Developer

Are you an ambitious Full-Stack Developer who is looking for a truly challenging role in a growing dev team? Do you wish to use your coding superpowers for a good cause and help improve the lives of millions of people around the world? Do you want to work with a team that values your insights and contributions to a dynamic product with an exciting future?

This is a rare opportunity to work in a diverse, highly organized, result-driven environment where you can thrive personally and professionally.

Here, you’ll never have to advocate for the importance of investing in code quality - our founder is a coder himself, and our elegant code is the vein that keeps the IxDF healthy and growing. You’ll work on stimulating projects in a healthy, collaborative environment where your ideas and time are valued. You’ll be involved in decision-making processes which means there are incredible possibilities for you to take initiative and grow here. In fact, it’s encouraged!

The Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF) is the world’s leading online design school. We're market leaders because the world's leading design experts work with us to create our content and teach the students.

We’re proud to say we’ve put together an amazing organization where people support, inspire, and challenge each other every day. Not only that, but we also get up each day to build a better future for millions of people around the world.

We’re primarily a remote company with around 50 employees, spread across 30 countries, and the Leadership team and founders are headquartered in Dubai. We’re growing fast and are set on course to grow even faster. But something’s missing and we think it could be you.

What you will be doing

Ahead of you is a highly enriching and rewarding journey in which you will be working with multiple teams including Back and Front end Developers, Designers, Content and Oroduct managers, and our COO, whom the Development team reports into. Your main responsibilities will be to:

  • Help develop the back and front-end code of the interaction-design.org platform: new features, refactoring and (rarely) bug-fixing.

  • Write reusable components using the Laravel Blade template engine, CSS and presentational JavaScript.

  • Improve the accessibility and performance of our pages.

  • Work with our design team to improve UX on different stages of the design process.

  • Participate in refactoring and continually eradicate technical debt whenever it arises. The goal is having the ultimate developer experience.

  • Review code from your colleagues (we love PR reviews as a great way to share knowledge and find optimal solutions for any challenge).

  • Actively participate in planning, stand-up and workshop video calls.

  • Regularly ship your code (we usually deploy a few releases per day: zero downtime, just a few clicks).

About our Platform

You will be working with both our backend and frontend teams on constantly improving our main product — a web application with online courses, and community tools. The architecture is a multi-page application — an MVC-based, modular monolith using Laravel as a back-end framework. It was started back in 2013, and since then we’ve relentlessly increased code quality, features and test coverage, and are proud to say that we have almost zero legacy code or technical debt. We believe a modular monolithic architecture can reach a level of perfection where it’s superior to a micro-service architecture — despite an ever-increasing number of features. How have we achieved that?

  • Robust conventions: IxDF PHP conventions, IxDF Laravel conventions, IxDF JavaScript conventions, naming, etc.

  • All front-end code built using reusable well-documented IxDF UI Kit.

  • Well-automated CI with code quality tools: Psalm (errorLevel="3"), PHPStan (level: 6), Rector, PHPCS, PHP-CS-Fixer, Deptrac, phpcpd, ESLint, etc.

  • Regular pull request review sessions

The stack you will be working with

  • PHP 8.1 and Laravel 9 (always the latest versions)

  • Web Components and Laravel Blade template engine (yup, we build our HTML on the server-side)

  • Vanilla JavaScript (incl. Web Components) and Vue.js for Laravel Nova

  • Webpack for great control over front-end assets.

  • BEM/ITCSS in combination with Tailwind CSS based utility classes.

A custom-made UI Kit (https://ui-kit.interaction-design.org/) to achieve consistency and ease of use, and a company-wide product development process (https://system.interaction-design.org/).

  • Server: Docker, nginx

  • DBs: MySQL, Redis

  • Testing: PHPUnit, Laravel Dusk, cypress.io

  • Cloud: Amazon S3, CloudFront

  • CI/CD: GitHub actions + Deployer

What can we offer?

  • A full-time position, within a remote first organization. Depending on where you are based you will experience either a fully remote working environment with team trips during the year, or a mix of remote and in person work if you are based in the United Arab Emirates.

  • Work with a highly scalable business model where we’ve consistently created more than 50% growth year-on-year since 2013. Bootstrapped with zero investment capital but built purely on passion and consistency over time.

  • Work in a company culture where idealism meets high performance and excellence. You’ll need to be a practical idealist.

  • Daily video-based contact with your colleagues from elsewhere on the planet, and you’ll get to meet them on team trips 1–2 times per year.

  • Work with people who have a hands-on attitude and a bias towards action as opposed to over-planning.

  • Work in a highly agile organization with zero bureaucracy or corporate politics – but with a high level of orderliness and efficiency.

  • Have the chance to feel the impact of helping an ever-growing design education brand boost its outreach to empower and enrich the lives of many, many more people.

  • Expert-level colleagues who contribute to the Laravel framework and packages from its ecosystem and a founder/CEO who is a developer himself.

  • Zero-effort development environment based on Docker.

  • Battle-tested guidelines for PHP, JS, CSS and Laravel code.

  • Up-to-date domain, product and project documentation.

  • Great library of books and courses to keep your knowledge and skills at peak level.

  • Smooth and well-organized workflows for collaboration with other teams.

About you

  • You have 5+ years of experience working with PHP, alongside Laravel or Symfony.

  • You have 5+ years of experience working with JavaScript and CSS.

  • You prefer native web APIs and functionality over alluring new frameworks – and you know how and when to use them.

  • You are an engineer by mindset and always try to understand how things work under the hood.

  • You love to learn through doing. You’re ready to put in some hard work to expand your skills.

  • You speak and write acceptable English — not perfect English, just acceptable — since you will be working with people from the US, England, Canada, Denmark, Belarus and Australia among others. Your time zone does not matter!

  • You are a team player and you don’t bring your ego to work.

  • You are self-motivated and self-disciplined.

  • You love to have creative freedom, make independent judgments and live up to the responsibility that comes with that freedom.

  • You love to create tangible results — every hour and every day.

  • You love to make a positive impact on the world and the lives of others.

Bonus points

You get bonus points if…

  • You have contributed to open-source projects.

  • You have a passion for UI/UX design.

  • You have prior experience with Customer Data Platforms (like Segment) or Product Analytics & Tracking tools like Amplitude, Heap, or the Google suite (Analytics, Optimize, Tag Manager).

  • You have experience with test-driven development (TDD).