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Marc Hassenzahl explains the fascinating concept of User Experience and Experience Design. Commentaries by Don Norman, Eric Reiss, Mark Blythe, and Whitney Hess

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The Social Design of Technical Systems: Building technologies for communities. 2nd Edition
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The Social Design of Technical Systems: Building technologies for communities
by Brian Whitworth and Adnan Ahmad
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The Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction, 2nd Ed.
by Mads Soegaard and Rikke Friis Dam
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Examples of published periodicals

International Journal of Man-Machine Studies

International Journal of Human-Computer Studies

Journal of Computer and System Sciences


Examples of published books

Edmonds, Ernest (ed.) (1992): The Separable User Interface. London, England, Academic Press

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Wexelblat, Alan (ed.) (1993): Virtual Reality: Applications and Explorations. Academic Press

Virtual Reality: Applications and Explorations collects original essays, including contributions from leaders in the field, that illustrate the potentially powerful applications of virtual reality in business, science, and the arts. These essays examine a broad range of practical applications of virtual reality, from entertainment and corporate planning to teleconferencing and computer-supported cooperative work. Researchers at the forefront of work in this area explain the capabilities of some present systems and outline the even more compelling possibilities they envision for the future. Ranging from advanced interfaces for education to visualization of scientific data for simulated space exploration, the essays make clear the diverse ways that virtual environments can be useful as tools and suggest exciting directions for the future.

© All rights reserved Wexelblat and/or Academic Press

Wiener, Earl L. and Nagel, David C. (eds.) (1988): Human Factors in Aviation. New York, NY, Academic Press

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Meyers, R. A. (2001): Encyclopedia of Physical Sciences and Technology (3rd Edition), Volume 1. Academic Press

Paeth, Alan W. (ed.) (1995): Graphics Gems V. Academic Press

Product Description The newest volume in the Graphics Gems Series is intended to provide the graphics community with a set of practical tools for implementing new ideas and techniques, and to offer working solutions to real programming problems.

© All rights reserved Paeth and/or Academic Press

Agar, Michael H. (1996): The Professional Stranger: An Informal Introduction to Ethnography 2nd Ed. Academic Press

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Agar, Michael H. (1980): The Professional Stranger: An Informal Introduction to Ethnography. New York, Academic Press

This edition of a classic introductory text opens with an extensive chapter that brings ethnography up-to-date and aims it toward the next century. At a time when numerous disciplines, organizations, and communities are discovering ethnography, Agar shows how the fundamentals endure even as they adapt to a world unimagined when the research perspective developed more than 100 years ago. Contemporary discussions of ethnography are loaded with choices, primarily "either-or" options. Just as the first edition crossed the qualitative-quantitative divide, the new edition integrates classical scientific notions with new concepts such as narrative and interpretation.Agar updates the contrast between the researcher's apprenticeship to knowledgeable informants and the hypothesis-testing mode that still dominates social science, while demonstrating the complementarity of the two. Drawing extensively from his own research experience, he illustrates the stages of the ethnographic process from inception through the emergence of a focus, and toward a subsequent formalization of methods and analysis. In the process, he illustrates several approaches designed to reconcile the contradictory demands of the scientific process and human behavior. It analyses the changes in ethnographic studies during the last fifteen years. It outlines the conflict between science and interpretation. It presents the politics of ethnography, both personal and global. It describes the 'new' participant observation. It sheds light on ethno-logic. It includes methods for the non-positive.

© All rights reserved Agar and/or Academic Press

Jirotka, Marina, Goguen, Joseph A., Monk, Andrew F. and Gaines, Brian R. (1994): Requirements Engineering. San Diego, USA, Academic Press

Boy, Guy A. (1991): Intelligent Assistant Systems. London, U.K, Academic Press

This book introduces practical techniques of artificial intelligence (AI) and outlines a new concept of intelligent assistant systems for their application. It offers examples which illustrate how understanding the foundation of AI can be a short step from applying AI to real-world, complex, large-scale, and interactive computing. "Intelligent Assistant Systems" sets out three practical objectives for understanding systems which will assist the operator. These are building a knowledge base in an interactive environment, maintaining the knowledge base with incremental knowledge acquisition and developing intelligent interfaces which extend the operator's short- and long-term memory. The book is aimed at students studying AI with an applied orientation. It is also intended to be useful as a reference source for engineers and managers, introducing AI techniques in engineering, aerospace, manufacturing, and many other industrial environments.

© All rights reserved Boy and/or Academic Press


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