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Theory & Science

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Volume 6
Issue 1

Bone, John D. (2005): The social map and the problem of order: A re-evaluation of 'Homo Sociologicus'. In Theory & Science, 6 (1) .

One of the most deeply held and longstanding convictions within mainstream sociology has been that social phenomena can only be explained with reference to social causes and, thus, any recourse to biological or psychological explanation is inherently erroneous (Moscovici, 1993). This position has become increasingly entrenched to the extent that, at times, sociologists have appeared to undermine the very notion of human beings as biological organisms. A central contention of this paper is that, in line with a growing contemporary unease with some of the more extreme claims of our constructionist orthodoxy, the current 'psycho' and 'bio-phobia' is both unrealistic and misguided (Ellis, 1996: Maryanski, 1994: Moscovici, 1993). What follows is an exploration of the way in which our current understanding of key questions in sociology, in this instance the perennial question of the roots of social order, might be advanced by transcending out traditional explanatory framework.

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