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Information and Management

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The following articles are from "Information and Management":

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Volume 21
Issue 5

Aiken, Milam and Sheng, Olivia Liu (1991): Using Artificial Intelligence Based System Simulation in the Design of a Group Decision Support System Idea Generation Tool. In Information and Management, 21 (5) pp. 279-289.

Volume 28
Issue 6

Cerpa, Narciso (1995): Pre-Physical Data Base Design Heuristics. In Information and Management, 28 (6) pp. 351-359.

Volume 34
Issue 5

Kock, Ned (1998): Can Communication Medium Limitations Foster Better Group Outcomes? An Action Research Study. In Information and Management, 34 (5) pp. 295-305.

Issue 4

Cerpa, Narciso and Verner, June M. (1998): Case Study: The Effect of IS Maturity on Information Systems Strategic Planning. In Information and Management, 34 (4) pp. 199-208.

Volume 40
Issue 6

Heijden, Hans van der (2003): Factors influencing the usage of websites: the case of a generic portal in The Netherlands. In Information and Management, 40 (6) pp. 541-549.

In this paper, we empirically investigate an extension of the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) to explain the individual acceptance and usage of websites. Conceptually, we examine perceived ease-of-use, usefulness, enjoyment, and their impact on attitude towards using, intention to use and actual use. The paper also introduces a new construct, "perceived visual attractiveness" of the website and demonstrates that it influences usefulness, enjoyment, and ease-of-use. For our empirical research we partnered with a Dutch generic portal site with over 300,000 subscribers at the time the research was conducted. The websurvey resulted in a sample size of 828 respondents. The results confirmed all of the 12 hypotheses formulated.

© All rights reserved Heijden and/or Elsevier

Volume 44
Issue 3

Ha, Imsook, Yoon, Youngseog and Choi, Munkee (2007): Determinants of adoption of mobile games under mobile broadband wireless access environment. In Information and Management, 44 (3) pp. 276-286. Available online

Rapid advancements in technology and changes in cost have made the game industry a profitable area. Recently, Mobile Broadband Wireless Access technology-based (MBWA) games have been introduced into the marketplace. They are superior to current mobile games in terms of transmission speed and price and to older online games that have limited mobility. Since MBWA technologies, such as High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA), Wireless Broadband (WiBro), and Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) have been developed, customers can enjoy games whenever and wherever they like. We decided to analyze the factors that influence potential users' adoption of MBWA games using an extension of TAM. Most previous game-related studies lack a comprehensive approach to both technological and psychological aspects of game adoption and do not reflect a variety of consumer preferences. We therefore extended TAM to include an emotion variable and measured the moderating effects of gender, age, and prior experience on game adoption. Overall, the results revealed that the effect of perceived enjoyment was very important but that usefulness did not influence an individual's attitude. In addition, we also find that age can be key moderator of game acceptance.

© All rights reserved Ha et al. and/or Elsevier


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