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Pub. period:1990-1995
Pub. count:9
Number of co-authors:15


Number of publications with 3 favourite co-authors:

Ajay Apte:4
Samudra Sengupta:2
Yoji Yaskawa:1



Productive colleagues

Takayuki Dan Kimura's 3 most productive colleagues in number of publications:

Wayne Citrin:19
Eric J. Golin:6
Wolfgang Pree:4

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Takayuki Dan Kimura


Publications by Takayuki Dan Kimura (bibliography)

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Kimura, Takayuki Dan, Apte, Ajay, Sengupta, Samudra and Chan, Julie W. (1995): Form/Formula: A Visual Programming Paradigm for User-Definable User Interfaces. In IEEE Computer, 28 (3) pp. 27-35.

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Kimura, Takayuki Dan (1995): Object-Oriented Dataflow. In: VL 1995 1995. pp. 180-186. Available online

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Sengupta, Samudra, Kimura, Takayuki Dan and Apte, Ajay (1994): An Artist's Studio: A Methaphor for Modularity and Abstraction in a Graphical Diagramming Environment. In: VL 1994 1994. pp. 128-136.

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Apte, Ajay, Vo, Van and Kimura, Takayuki Dan (1993): Recognizing Multistroke Geometric Shapes: An Experimental Evaluation. In: Hudson, Scott E., Pausch, Randy, Zanden, Brad Vander and Foley, James D. (eds.) Proceedings of the 6th annual ACM symposium on User interface software and technology 1993, Atlanta, Georgia, United States. pp. 121-128. Available online

A fast, simple algorithm for recognizing hand drawn geometric shapes is presented and evaluated. The algorithm recognizes (without regard to size) rectangles, ellipses, circles, diamonds, triangles, and lines. Each shape may consist of multiple strokes as long as they are entered without pauses. A pen-based graphic diagram editor employing this algorithm was developed on GO's PenPoint operating system. The editor will be part of a pen-based notebook system for teaching math to school children. The recognition algorithm was evaluated by ten subjects drawing a total of 200 shapes. It achieved a recognition rate of up to 98%.

© All rights reserved Apte et al. and/or ACM Press

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Apte, Ajay and Kimura, Takayuki Dan (1993): A Comparison Study of The Pen and The Mouse in Editing Graphic Diagrams. In: Proceedings of the 1993 IEEE Workshop on Visual Languages August 24-27, 1993, Bergen, Norway. pp. 352-357.

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Fukunaga, Alex S., Kimura, Takayuki Dan and Pree, Wolfgang (1993): Object-Oriented Development of a Data Flow Visual Language System. In: Proceedings of the 1993 IEEE Workshop on Visual Languages August 24-27, 1993, Bergen, Norway. pp. 134-141.

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Kimura, Takayuki Dan (1992): Hyperflow: A Visual Programming Language for Pen Computers. In: Proceedings of the 1992 IEEE Workshop on Visual Languages September 15-18, 1992, Seattle, Washington, USA. pp. 125-132.

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Kimura, Takayuki Dan, Golin, Eric J., Eller, Marlin, Meyrowitz, Norman K., Fujisaki, Tetsu, Yaskawa, Yoji, Muto, Ryujiro, Altabet, Saul, Citrin, Wayne and Kim, Jin Hyung (1991): Pen-Based User Interface. In: VL 1991 1991. pp. 168-173.

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Kimura, Takayuki Dan (1990): Silicon Paper and A Visual Interface for Neural Networks. In: VL 1990 1990. pp. 241-246.

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