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Publications by Fei Xie (bibliography)

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Xie, Fei (2011): Architecture strategy of personalized information environment. In: Proceedings of the 2011 iConference 2011. p. 841.

My research is focus on architecture strategy of personalized information environment. As demands for personalized information solution, personalized information environment is an intrinsic requirement to meet the great information demand, and it is also an inevitable of the development of personalized information service. It is designed to build personal information space into the working environment to support personalized access (resources, services) to the mass of information resources.

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Peng, Rui, Hua, Kien A., Cheng, Hao and Xie, Fei (2009): An Internet Framework for Pervasive Sensor Computing. In IJAPUC, 1 (3) pp. 1-22.

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