FMX 2013 - Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Transmedia

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Apr 23
Apr 26
Stuttgart, Germany
FMX 2013 - Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Transmedia
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Call For Participation (CfP)

FMX is Europe's largest conference on the convergence of film, television, computers, consoles and mobile devices. Every year, more than 300 artists, specialists, scientists, producers and other key people come to FMX to discuss production issues, exciting technologies and new ways of financing and distribution across the industries with an international audience from more than 50 countries. Industry professionals network at the Marketplace, top-notch companies scout talent at the Recruiting Hub and international schools present their projects on the School Campus.

This year's conference takes place under the slogan "lean, smart and agile" and focuses on the ongoing paradigm shift that currently transforms the animation, effects, games and transmedia industries. Topics will include Procedural Animation, Game Cinematics, Virtual Production, Cloud Gaming, Virtual Humans, Lighting & Rendering, Native Stereo, Simulation, Open Source, Wild 'n' Strange Animation and 3D printing. Confirmed presentations include VFX highlights such as Ang Lee's literary adaptation "Life of Pi", Tom Tykwer's "Cloud Atlas" and Sam Mendes' James Bond installment "Skyfall" as well as animation adventures such as DreamWorks' "The Croods" and game favorites such as "Crysis 3."


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