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It's fun to ridicule an inferior design and it's worthwile to sum up the reasons why it's inferior!

Whats in it for you?

  1. We give your misDesign entry maximum exposure: Your entry will be featured:
  2. Your misDesign entry and your author page will receive a substantial amount of the sites visitors, as misDesigns have a broad appeal. This will make many people aware of your research.
  3. Your misDesign entry may be properly cited by visitors through the "How to cite" link
  4. Because of the Creative Commons approach to copyright, you retain your copyright but allow people to copy and distribute your work provided they give you credit. This ensures dissemination of your entry throughout the community, giving it further exposure. It also allows you to republish your work elsewhere.

Interested? Here is how you do...

  1. Write up a misDesign, based on the template/definition below!
  2. Email us your work at (e.g. in a MS Word document). Your misDesign will reviewed by one of our editors, and he/she may help you improve it or change certain parts before publication.
  3. Your work is published. Congratulations!

The template/definition: Here's what a misDesign should include

Heading: A catchy heading
Subheading: Briefly summarize the main point in a catchy way

Whats misdesigned?

Briefly describe:

It would be as if...

Give a real-world analogy of what this problem would be like in the real world. A real-world analogy will often make us appreciate how bizarre the world of software and electronic products can be. It may teach readers not to think Im not technically savvy enough but instead Thats misdesigned! That could be better! Im not the stupid one!.

For example, the workings of a physical store can be compared to how a website handles its online customers. Other examples of real-world situations which can be used are: Visit at a restaurant, at a certain type of store, interaction with friends, your bike, your car, your doctor, etc... Make the analogy to something that most people understand.

How to fix this problem?

This section takes a constructive approach to the problem. Its important that we dont just list problems but also show how to fix them. You can do this by:

Other examples

In this optional paragraph, you may list products, which have been misdesigned in a similar fashion. Include a photo/screenshot and the like.

Research themes surrounding this problem...

This section should list which (research) themes are relevant to understanding the mechanisms behind this misdesign. It should provide the reader with some themes or keywords to use for further investigation.

This section should also include links into the bibliography, e.g. links to specific authors who deal with this particular subject, links to searches, links to relevant conferences, etc. The point is to tie research themes (hard to understand, narrow audience) to misDesigns (easy to understand, wide audience). A misDesign becomes a path into research. Its part of our quest to make research accessible!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to make contact.


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