Do you or your students have trouble citing online/Internet sources properly? Simply link to this page on the course web page and save yourself and others valuable time.

The citation maker supports APA, MLA, BibTex and Refer citation styles.

Internet Citation Maker

Internet Citation Maker

An 'electronic document' can be any type of internet source, like a website (e.g., a blog article, an online PDF file, etc.
Author 1:
 e.g. "Donald A. Norman"
Author 2:
 e.g. "Jakob Nielsen"
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 User Experience e.g. ""
Publishing organisation:
 User Experience e.g. "" or "BBC Online"
Date published:
 User Experience The date the electronic document was first published. If not known, simply leave blank
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 User Experience The date the electronic document was last modified. If not known, simply leave blank
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 User Experience The date you retrieved the electronic document and cited it. The default is today

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I highly recommend the Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction [...] the breadth and depth of the invited contributions are quite impressive [...] all with highly qualified authorities as authors
    -- From Don Norman's review

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Marc Hassenzahl explains the fascinating concept of User Experience and Experience Design. Commentaries by Don Norman, Eric Reiss, Mark Blythe, and Whitney Hess


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