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UX Poland 2014 - The Human Experience Conference

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Apr 9
Apr 11
Warsaw, Poland
UX Poland 2014 - The Human Experience Conference
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Call For Participation (CfP)

UX Poland - The Human Experience Conference is devoted to embrance, promote and most importantly spread the word and educate issues about User Experience, Usability and Information Architecture. We address them to both experienced professionals as well as students and UX enthusiasts.

The conference involves professionals, senior managers, CEO’s that all practice and believe in User Experience, Usability, marketing, e-marketing and e-commerce to create and solve real problems for a better world through design. That is why we have called the conference: The Human Experience Conference. This year’s 3 day event will be held from the 9th till the11th of April 2014. The first day will be devoted to design workshops and the other two will be dedicated to presentations about UX projects from speakers from all around the world.

We are extremly excited to have Indi Young as our speaker who is well-known for writing the book called Mental Models (Rosenfeld Media). Chris Avore the Managing Director and product designer of Corporate Solutions product and Services at NASDAQ OMX will be also with us on the stage. We will have presenting Jeff Parks, who is a board member at the Information Architecture Institute and owner of the agency Follow and the UX Leader. He has also accepted and joined the UX Poland 2014 Program Committee. This conference wouldn’t be unique if not for a speech from Natalia Weimann Guardia, representing the Interaction Design Foundation, Andrea Resmini - the president of Information Architecture Institute and Matt Lee from one of the most popular on-line services called all will be sharing their knowledge and experience about the importance of UX design. On top of this all the Program Committee has selected 20 presentatons from over 70 sent to us during Call for Papers.

UX Poland 2014 is not going to be a conference, which will teach how to make mobile applications or websites but rather show and emphasis how we can change and improve the world thanks to good practices in UX design.

Every year, all speaches are recoreded on video and published on our FREE UX Poland application avaible on both IOS and Android. Having in mind that UX is worth spreading globally the apps are entirely in English giving everyone the chance to sink in with the issues presented during this on of the kind conference. Futhermore, this has sprung the idea to launch a website that will more effectively reach the whole world and promote UX and usability issues as the right way to solve real world problems using the thinking of UX design.


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